Neighborhood Resources

This is a place for EHN residents to share their experiences with various resource providers that have serviced homes in EHN. Comments are solely the opinion of the noted resident. If you have a positive recommendation you’d like to share, email us at with the name, contact info and positive review. Negative comments will not be posted.

* Let us know of any good: pet sitters, cleaners, electricians, locksmith, pest control, garage door repair, auto repair/auto body, roofers, contractors, senior/elder companions services…   –

NEW (since 2014)

Home Multi Service

  • Mike Lazzara, 26 Coronet St, W Holyoke 01040 (413) 626-5474; MA reg #162804, CSL #95273. Remodel, repair (from paint to complete renovation). “Fine craftsman and painter. He will fix anything in a timely manner, does excellent work.” – Faythe T.
  • Shumway Services – Snow Removal, Lawn Care & Maintenance, Roofing, Home Improvement, Tree Work (413) 687-9400,

Trees, Landscaping & Leaves

  • C.L. Frank and Company of Northampton. A little pricey, but excellent work, all on schedule, proper paperwork. – Patty A.
  • Shawn Smith and Jim Staples, formerly of Shumway, are currently doing business on their own. Smith will continue doing lawn care and Staples, plant care. Staples still does our lawn care – very minimal, but is very reliable, good price and doesn’t try to sell you the goods! (413) 559-1109 -Pippa C.
  • We’ve used the Turf Club from the Stockbridge School at UMass the past few years.  They bring a sizable crew and get the job done fairly quickly.  We have Chris Hall remove the leaves. – Marilyn B.
  • Chris Hall of Hall & Son has  done my leaf removal as well as snowplowing for many years.  He is  very reliable and knows the Echo Hill area very well.  Since many of  our leaves do not fall until early November, he usually doesn’t come  around until after Veterans Day.  His phone number is 323-7413.  He is  the one who just finished the landscaping in the front of my house along the street.  The drawback is that he doesn’t use email! – Jane R.
  • We’re happy with Lawn Jockey. – Jess M.
  • Ethan’s Eden 413.584.0877 – Meg H.
  • I have Chris Hall who has been doing the mowing at the pond; New England Green is also very good. – Faythe T.
  • Leaf removal: Jonathan Eisen, Text/call 413-687-2742, Email: – Rosalie E.
  • Whirlwind Fine Landscaping Design did the landscaping for my property and now are doing the fall and spring cleanup and maintenance. They will give an estimate or by the hour.  They are excellent landscapers, professionals and just super nice people. They also do snowplowing during snow season. – Linda T.
  • K and J Tree Service. They were great! – Allegra O.


  • Pickering Sons Plumbing 253-7300 is responsive and does a good job. Not sure how rates compare to other providers. – Pippa C.
  • 12/14: We hired Tim Barthelette a few weeks ago to fix a leaky kitchen drain pipe. He did a lot of trial and error to fix our pipe and didn’t charge us for the wrong guesses. Plus, he works for himself, and has two young kids (and was great at navigating various baby gates and being sensitive to naptime…).  – Emily S.
  • We have been very happy with Whittier Plumbing for years both in our old house and in our current house. The number is 978-544-7818. – Mark S.

Electrical Work

  • Ron Williams. He’s done a lot of work for us at our current house on Aubinwood and at our previous Amherst house. His number is 413-320-1124. We’ve been very happy with his work. – Mark S.
  • John Roda, from Belchertown. He’s very good and reasonably priced. He’s at 413-374-8066. – Barbara F.
  • Paul Miller 413-244-2124.  Very happy with his work. – Jess M.

Exterior Painter

  • Bob Peters Painting came in way below other estimates, has been very responsive and courteous, great job. Found on Angie’s List. Recommend. – Pippa C.

House Cleaner

  • Valley Clean Green. Low/no chemical cleaning. Super considerate, quick and inexpensive! – Denise L.
  • Lisa Gallant (413) 835-1291 – Jessica M.
  • Hilltown Cleaning Services, Carol LaBonte (413) 238-5966 – Mark S.
  • Aline (413) 301-1405 – Elizabeth L.
  • Alberta (413) 230-7563. You use your own products and be sure to let her know what you want used where. She is a great person and very reliable – I do not think she has ever missed a day in the year and a half I have used her.  And she will do other little errands occasionally if you need her too and I always pay her for this (but not as much). – Erin S.


  • Sunderland Animal Hospital, Inc., Steven M. Ellis, DVM, 52 Amherst Road, Sunderland, MA 01375, (413) 665-9821, Very happy with Sunderland Animal Hospital. All staff are professional and kind.- Pippa C.


Two suggestions: the youth group at Grace Episcopal Church is hiring out for jobs like this (leaf removal) in order to raise funds for a pilgrimage/service trip to New Orleans next year. Contact seminary student/intern Sarah Dunn, And (I’m a little vague here) a UMass fraternity is also fund-raising for service work. I saw their notice on the bulletin board at the All Things Local store, but I don’t have any further information. Good luck! – Patty A.

OLD (may still be relevant, but postings are dated):

Trees and Landscaping

  • Bob Aldrich at Warner Trees 584-3651
  • Alan Wentworth (tree work) 531-8328
  • Northern Tree Service 800 232- 6132
  • Lawn Jockey 256-3260
  • Native Tree & Landscaping 508 237-0605
  • Gary Stolz Landscaping 369-4474

Yardwork & Snow Shoveling

  • Matt Everson 203 623-8098


  • Frank Marchand: 665-7177
  • Boulanger’s Plumbing 527-3240

Electrical work

  • Paul DiBenedetto: 253-3035
  • Adams Electric 530-7017

Interior painting and handywork

  • Steve MacDonald: 323-0068 or
  • J. Greene 584-1987

Garage Doors

  • Raynor Doors: 413 527-2447,


  • Amherst Lockworks 549-6867
  • Minuteman Pest Control 586-1009

Note: The Homeowners Association does not guarantee the quality of the work performed by the above vendors and therefore cannot be held liable for any problem issue that arise. Owners should always check with our local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or State Licensing Board before engaging any contractor for services.


5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Resources

  1. We live at 218 Alpine Drive. We are in need of a carpenter and welcome any and all resources you might offer.

  2. Shumway Tree and Landscaping is no longer in business due to retirement. They turned over their customer list to C.L. Frank and Company of Northampton. A little pricey, but excellent work, all on schedule, proper paperwork.

    1. Shawn Smith and Jim Staples, formerly of Shumway, are currently doing business on their own. Smith will continue doing lawn care and Staples, plant care. Staples still does our lawn care – very minimal, but is very reliable, good price and doesn’t try to sell you the goods! (413) 559-1109 -Pippa C.

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