Echo Hill North is a very safe neighborhood. However, as anywhere, some hazards occur.


Being nestled in the forest, wildlife is a normal part of living in Echo Hill North. Turkeys and foxes are fairly common sights. Occasionally, turtles wander out of the ponds, owls keep watch over the street, coyotes howl and even bears travel through (a mama and baby bear were sighted in May 2016 and a large male bear wreaked birdfeeder havoc in 2017!). Tips on keeping bears a safe distance away can be found here.

Pond Water Quality

The water in the pond is tested several times over the summer for E.Coli and phosphate. There have not been water quality issues and the pond water is within acceptable levels for swimming & fishing.” Detailed test results can be found here.

Speeding and Traffic

With the change in neighborhood demographics in recent years (a large increase in the number of families with young children), speeding and traffic is now a major concern. Find more details here.


As most of southern New England, we have a healthy population of gypsy moths that has re-appeared in 2016. Find more details on these pests here.