Spring Pond Clean Up and Brunch 2013

When – Saturday May 18

– rain date Sunday May 19 –

Time – 10 am – 2 pm

Where – Oak Knoll Pond

Share brunch by the pond, work with neighbors, and get the beach ready for summer swimming and picnics. Jim Soper will be there to show you how to identify invasive species like Autumn Olive and Multiflora Rose.

Come for the whole time or stop by for a few minutes.


Here’s a photo I took at the pond on Sunday May 5. Look at all those weeds! Let’s clear out the mess for swimming and picnicking this summer.

Weeds need to be cleared from the pond.


Bagels, cream  cheese, pastries, coffee, tea, juice! All refreshments will be provided by the Association.


We’ll paddle canoes on the water to rake up the weeds. On shore, we’ll collect the debris in wheelbarrows for compost. We’ll rake out the sand on the beach. And we’ll clear out the invasive plants so that the native species can thrive.


There will be a raffle and prizes for Bart’s and Go Berry.

Teens and Kids earn raffle tickets by helping!  We need your energy and strength.

What to Bring

Wheelbarrows, weed whackers, canoes, rakes, tarps, shovels, work gloves.

Multiflora Rose – An Invasive Plant Crowding Out Native Species
Autumn Olive – Invasive Plant

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