The Amherst A Better Chance Program

The Amherst A Better Chance Program is looking for a host family for one of its 9th grade scholars.  For one weekend each month, the families provide ABC students with a home experience outside of the ABC residence.  The Host Family program establishes a link between ABC and community members. Students are provided an alternative place to relax, socialize and study. They are also given the opportunity to forge additional, positive personal relationships. Reciprocally, host families derive the satisfaction of interacting with talented young men who have both a lot to offer and to learn from broadened social contacts.

The student/host family relationship is intended to be as informal as possible. Host families should not feel obligated to constantly shower the student with gifts, entertainment, or out-of-the-ordinary privileges. On most occasions, it is sufficient to have the students participate in normal family activities. A quiet evening at home is often a welcome change from everyday life in the ABC house. ABC students have varying needs just as host families have varying interest; therefore, the key is to work out a mutually rewarding, amiable relationship. The host family weekend offers an opportunity to share everything from a quiet evening at home, to attendance at concerts, movies, and other activities that may interest students and families.

Echo Hill residents who might be interested in learning more about the Host Family Program should contact Wendy Kohler via email at or cell phone:  413-250-0091.


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