Pond water sampling test results for June 30, 2015

E.Coli results at 10 CFU’s per 100 ml of sample water, same as last year.  Acceptable level for swimming ponds.

Phosphate at 0.02 mg/l.  Last year was 0.03.  EPA does not have any requirements for phosphate levels.

Quabbin Analytical Laboratory also stated “For the items tested, this sample was found to be within acceptable levels for ponds.”

Continue to enjoy!

The EHN Board

Best Pond Clean Up EVER!



Thank you to the many, many EHN residents who helped make this such a successful and fun day. It was wonderful to have neighborhood veterans, new families, and happy kids. The task administration was superior this year – and we didn’t think Jim could possibly be more organized, but he beat his own high standards! Food and beverages were much appreciated and we were well sated and hydrated thanks to Faythe. Heroic efforts to launch and ground the spiffy dock by Paul and Steve. Cheery childcare, plenty of tools, and a hugely devoted crew. Our beautiful pond cannot be maintained without you all. Thank you again and again and ENJOY!


Date: Saturday, May 30 (rain date: Sunday, May 31)

Time: 10am – 1pm (come for as little or as long as you can!)

Location: Oak Knoll (Road) Pond

Join your neighbors, come out and meet folks, and get some exercise as we begin to get the pond and beach ready for summer swimming and picnics!The Association Board is working hard on safe and appropriate pond and beach maintenance so that we may continue to enjoy all this unique neighborhood resource has to offer, but your help is needed!Under the experienced and dedicated leadership of Board member, Jim Soper, we’ll paddle canoes on the water to rake up the weeds, collect on-shore debris in wheelbarrows for compost, weed the beach, and clear out the invasive plants so that the native species can thrive. Jim will also again this year teach people to identify invasive species.

Needed that day: wheelbarrows, weed whackers, canoes, rakes, tarps, shovels, work gloves

Refreshments will be provided by the Association.


The Amherst A Better Chance Program

The Amherst A Better Chance Program is looking for a host family for one of its 9th grade scholars.  For one weekend each month, the families provide ABC students with a home experience outside of the ABC residence.  The Host Family program establishes a link between ABC and community members. Students are provided an alternative place to relax, socialize and study. They are also given the opportunity to forge additional, positive personal relationships. Reciprocally, host families derive the satisfaction of interacting with talented young men who have both a lot to offer and to learn from broadened social contacts.

The student/host family relationship is intended to be as informal as possible. Host families should not feel obligated to constantly shower the student with gifts, entertainment, or out-of-the-ordinary privileges. On most occasions, it is sufficient to have the students participate in normal family activities. A quiet evening at home is often a welcome change from everyday life in the ABC house. ABC students have varying needs just as host families have varying interest; therefore, the key is to work out a mutually rewarding, amiable relationship. The host family weekend offers an opportunity to share everything from a quiet evening at home, to attendance at concerts, movies, and other activities that may interest students and families.

Echo Hill residents who might be interested in learning more about the Host Family Program should contact Wendy Kohler via email at wendykohler@comcast.net or cell phone:  413-250-0091.


Dear Neighbors,
The Annual Meeting will take place on Monday February 2nd, at 7 PM at the Amherst Woman’s Club, 35 Triangle Street. Please join us!

We will be holding an important vote on

1. Renewal of the Covenants

2. Addition of 218 Alpine to the Association

A letter with a proxy ballot will be going out this week. Please register your vote, sign your ballot and return it in the pre-addressed stamped envelope AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The Covenants are posted here: https://echohillnorth.wordpress.com/covenants/
(cut and paste the url into your browser or click on the “Covenants” link in the header above)