Pond water sampling test results for June 30, 2015

E.Coli results at 10 CFU’s per 100 ml of sample water, same as last year.  Acceptable level for swimming ponds.

Phosphate at 0.02 mg/l.  Last year was 0.03.  EPA does not have any requirements for phosphate levels.

Quabbin Analytical Laboratory also stated “For the items tested, this sample was found to be within acceptable levels for ponds.”

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The EHN Board


Pond Lab Report, July 2014

Water Quality Samples
The latest readings for bacteria and phosphates were very good. Here are the results from a sample taken and sent to Quabbin Labs June 30:
E.Coli of 10 (Colony forming units of E.Coli per 100 ml of sample water) is normal for us.  In the past three years, we have had acceptable readings as high as 15 and 20.
Phosphate of 0.03 (mg/l) is the lowest we have had in three years.  Last year the sample I took in June was .58 and the two samples taken in September were .07 and .08.

Pond Lab Report, June 2014

Per New England Environmental Inc., the clarity of water remains good. The phosphorus readings taken at the pond bottom and pond surface were 32.9 and 27.4 micrograms/liter (μg/L) respectively. Expressed as milligrams/liter (mg/L), the readings were .0329 and .0274, the result was the lowest we’ve had in 3 years. This year’s improvement is likely attributable to the generally cooler temperatures and increased rainfall. Also the pre-season work and annual clean-up was very helpful.

July sampling results forthcoming.

A head start on the Spring 2014 pond clean up!

Looking good!
Looking good!

Many, many thanks to Jim Soper, Faythe Turner, Larry Steinhauser, Tom Warger, Jerry Hayes and Will Cutting for several hours of work at the pond last Sunday, April 13.  In an effort to take advantage of the opportunity to do some clean up before the water level is raised to the summer level, they raked mats of dead weeds, leaves, dead cattails and picked up sticks and trash along the exposed edges of the pond and on the beach area.  We are grateful for their extraordinary effort and demonstrated love of the pond.

The bulk of the work is yet to do so see you on May 31!

New England Environmental Testing Pond This Summer (2014)

Phosphate levels in the pond last summer were elevated. This can be caused by decomposing organic matter, by runoff from adjacent areas, or other sources. Because phosphates lead to algae and weed proliferation, the Board has been investigating various options for treating the pond for clearer water.

Before going through the expensive process of filing for the necessary permits for various treatment options, the Board has contracted New England Environmental to test this summer to pinpoint the extent and source of our phosphate problem.

The goal of the testing is to help the Board pinpoint the extent and source of phosphorus at the pond contributing to the amount of algae and weeds each year. 

Pond Lab Report, June 2013

Test results from Quabbin Analytical Laboratory as of June 19, 2013

As usual for us, E-Coli bacteria was found to be within acceptable levels for E.P.A. Standards: 10 colony forming units (CFUs) of E. Coli per 100 ml of sample water. (We have had acceptable readings as high as 15 and 20 in the past 3 years.)

Phosphate         0.58 mg/l