Pond Lab Report, June 2013

Test results from Quabbin Analytical Laboratory as of June 19, 2013

As usual for us, E-Coli bacteria was found to be within acceptable levels for E.P.A. Standards: 10 colony forming units (CFUs) of E. Coli per 100 ml of sample water. (We have had acceptable readings as high as 15 and 20 in the past 3 years.)

Phosphate         0.58 mg/l


Spring Clean Up 2013

The spring clean up and social on May 18 was a great success. Mother Nature provided us with glorious weather. We cleaned weeds from the pond, weeded out invasive flora, cleared and raked the beach, and shared a delicious brunch. Kids and teens turned out and were awarded with gift certificates for ice cream and frozen yogurt.

A huge thank you to: Jim Soper, who led the clean up. Steve Ellis, Dick Giglio, Paul Hamel, and Faythe Turner who headed work details. Faythe Turner and Linda Terry who arranged for the brunch. Steve Brown who rounded up prizes for the kids. And especially to all our Echo Hill North neighbors who showed up armed with rakes, canoes, weed whackers, tarps, and clippers!

Here are a few photos.